State Fair of Texas

The Stacrochet_hat_heather_3te Fair of Texas is one place we can show off our talents. It has been a tradition for Crochet Texas! to support its members in entering the fair. The group will reimburse a member for one entry. Plus, there is a lot of experience to glean from for help in how to prepare your item for entry. Last but not least, there is usually someone who will take your item to the fair and pick it up if you don’t have time.

Since 2000, members of NTCG and Crochet Texas! combined have won over 215 ribbons for crochet at the fair—talk about dominating a category! Maybe it should be the State Fair of Crochet Texas!




  crochet_runner_heather_2\ img_0486crochet_scarf_jan_3 v   doll_dress_pam_1


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